Pro Saxophone Tracks for $100

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Pro Saxophone Tracks for $100

I am a saxophonist and composer based in Los Angeles, specializing in jazz, pop, rock, funk, folk, etc. I provide true professional level solos that are lyrical and organic, as well as hooks, harmonies, and any other horn parts one may want. Please send me a message if you have any questions/special requests/etc.

I have recorded at:
- Capitol Records
-- Studios A and B
- MANT Studios for Rob Schnapf
- Kingsize Soundlabs

I have studied with:
- Steve Lehman
- Bennie Maupin
- Joe La Barbera
- Larry Koonse

My priority is for you to be 100% satisfied, and I’m willing to work with you until you are. I can play by ear or from written music. You will receive a high quality audio file in the sample rate and bit depth of your choosing.

Saxophone: Selmer Mark VI
Microphone: CAD M179
Interface: Mackie Onyx Blackjack
DAW: Ableton Live 9

  • Jazz
  • Blues


Recorded at Capitol
  • Dunky
  • Overload
  • Say It

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