Ethereal and dreamy vocal for $200

In Vocals (Female) By Lisa

Ethereal and dreamy vocal for $200

If you are looking for an ethereal vocal to lay on top of your track, I can record that for you. I have a dreamy, airy and soft vox.

Let me know whether you want me to
1) record an idea you've already written or
2) write lyrics and melody for your instrumental track (extra charge)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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I was the singer and songwriter
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4 Reviews

  1. Review By: Slati Jun 10, 2019

    Lisa has a great feeling for sound, groove and what a song needs!
    We absolutely got what we were looking for!

  2. Review By: Allenm74 Jun 2, 2019

    Once again, another perfect vocal performance by Lisa. She pays extremely good attention to detail and has an angelic sound, very beautiful.

  3. Review By: Allenm74 Jun 2, 2019

    As always, a masterpiece of music is what I’ve created with Lisa. Superb quality and very modern with opulent style.


  4. Review By: EFXPROJECT Apr 30, 2019

    If you ever have the joy to work with work with a real professional with a unique voice! And when i say unique i mean beautiful!!! Highly recommended!!!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  5. Review By: Allenm74 Apr 22, 2019

    Great working with Lisa. Finished two projects with her and her professionalism and quality are high in standards. Wonderful artist.

  6. Review By: Allenm74 Apr 18, 2019

    Lisa has a very creative imagination, and makes sure there is good quality sound too. Pleasure to work with.

  7. Review By: Allenm74 Apr 6, 2019

    Such a great musician Lisa is, a real artist. I would definitely like to do another project with her soon. She is very professional and listens well to the client. Beautiful singing voice too, and great beats and bass lines.

    Allen Reed.

  8. Review By: Allenm74 Apr 1, 2019

    Really cool music produced by Lisa, atmospheric with hip beats. Pleasure working with her.

  9. Review By: GusAbdelnour Jan 15, 2019

    Lisa has really good sensibility and provided a great vocal.

  10. Review By: rafmun Sep 26, 2018

    Awesome experience

  11. Review By: PRD01 Aug 8, 2018

    Lisa has the talent to find the right mood to fit my songs. It's a pleasure to work with her. She always delivers as stated.

    I look forward to working with her again

  12. Review By: PRD01 Aug 3, 2018

    This is the second time I've worked with Lisa and once again she has succeeded in taking my music to the next level. Delivery was very quick. I highly recommend her services.

  13. Review By: PRD01 Jul 13, 2018

    Lisa was very implicated in my project, and she took my song to a level way beyond my expectations.
    She captured perfectly the mood I was looking for.

    I will look forward to working with her again in the future

  14. Review By: PRD01 Jul 10, 2018

    I ordered Lisa's song production service, and she gave my song a dramatic, emotional atmosphere, a mixture of Twin Peaks and Lana Del Rey. How could I not be satisfied?

    I can't wait now to hear the final version with Lisa's vocals

  15. Review By: Michelle Jun 16, 2018

    Have worked with Lisa on several tracks and she can always elevate what I've already done while keeping true to my style. She's taken a few of my rough mixes to final product and definitely made the songs carry and sound better. A talented producer with good instincts!

  16. Review By: Michelle Jun 4, 2018

    Lisa is extremely talented at putting a song in its best light. She has helped me with song restructuring, bringing forward the best elements, editing to increase build and dynamics, and mixing. She has improved a number of my tracks and I trust her judgment. Will definitely be working with her again.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  17. Review By: MikeBalladur May 23, 2018

    Lisa was a pleasure to work with!

    - This review was for a custom proposal