Indie Pop Producer for $250

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Indie Pop Producer for $250

If you have a song in a demo version, I can help you create a final product with a richer and more distinct production, adding different instrumental layers like synth, bass, guitar, keys, vox and drums. We will work together to find the sound that suits you and your song best.


If you’ve already gone quite far in your production and need another set of ears to help edit and finalize your track and mix - I can help you add that final polish.

I will improve your track by bringing forward the most important elements. I will help cut to the chase, improving the dynamics of a song, and can suggest structural elements to help the song flow better.
I work fast and efficiently.

Gear: Logic Pro, Genelec, M-box Pro, SPL Gold Mike MKII

I have over 10 years of experience working in studio production. I write and produce my own music (Lisa Bregneager) and have been releasing music since 2013 independently and with international labels like Dumont Dumont and Minty Fresh. I’ve produced for Michelle Gurevich, Ava Raiin and Tim Isherwood. 

"Anyone down with the xx’s chill atmospherics and pianistic, electronically accented Scandi-pop could find something to grab on to." – Toronto Star (CAN)

Female Indie Pop Producer

Compilation of previous work (mp3)

  • Compilation of previous work (mp3)

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