Drum Tracks From Legendary Athens GA Studios for $400

In Drums By Luke O'Kelley

Drum Tracks From Legendary Athens GA Studios for $400

Need world class drumming and drum sounds for your album? Get drum tracks from Athens, GA based session drummer Luke O’Kelley and a staff engineer at Athens, GA studios: Chase Park Transduction or 1093 Studio.

The Studios:
Opened in 1997, Chase Park Transduction is a recording studio located in Athens, Georgia. Record drums in the same room as REM, Drive By Truckers, Cracker, Bright Eyes, Animal Collective, Queens of the Stone Age, and more - a room designed with ideal drumming acoustics as the primary focus.

A Sample of Chase Park Transduction’s World Class Gear:
Neve 53 Series 32 Channel Console
Neve 1272
API 512
Amek Neve 9098
Teletronix LA2A
Neumann KM-54
Coles 4038
API 2500
Gretsch, Ludwig, and Slingerland drums
Assorted Cymbals
Full list here: http://www.chaseparktransduction.com/studio-a-1/

Designed by world class studio designer Russ Berger, and built by Jim Hawkins, Athens, GA studio 1093 features a 25’ x 40’ tracking room with 16’ ceilings. Record drums in the same room as The Allman Brothers Band, R.E.M., Flat Duo Jetts, and Chuck Leavell.

A Sample of Studio 1093’s World Class Gear:
API 3124
UA 610
UREI 1176
Neumann U47, U67, U87, KM86, KM84 (x2)
Coles 4038
Gretsch and Ludwig drums
Assorted cymbals

Luke has been a freelance and session drummer for the past 7 years. He has experience playing: rock, pop, funk, hard rock, reggae, folk, country, hip hop and more.

All recording is done in 24 bit/48khz.

The Process:
Send us your track in an mp3 or wav file without drums and let us know what the tempo is (bpm). Let us know any specific directions you have for us: style of playing, preferred gear, intensity, dynamics, drum tones, breaks, specific fills, or any other notes. Song references always give us a better idea of the intended direction. If you have a scratch drum track or programmed drums, feel free to send those as well, but make sure those are sent in a separate mp3/wav track so that they can be muted during the tracking process.

Please message me as far in advance as you can, as these studios are busy and can be booked solid for months. I will provide you with a preliminary take with my gear to make sure you like the parts before we go into the studio. I will send you at least 5 edited takes and one shot samples for you to use as you would like.

Have questions or concerns? Let me know, and I'd be happy to answer them.

- Luke

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