Production Consultation 30 Minute Call for $50

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Production Consultation 30 Minute Call for $50

Are you a songwriter, artist, or producer looking for some outside perspective on your production, mix, songwriting, remote collaboration, or use of AirGigs? It's easy to work on music in a vacuum. Sometimes getting input from another experienced musician can help you get the breakthrough you are looking for.

I'm a drummer, producer, and engineer based out of Athens, Georgia and I know I've benefitted greatly from the input of other experienced musicians on my career goals, gear, productions, and much more.

I'm offering a 30 minute consultation video chat or phone call to provide you with feedback and insight on your song, your career, gear, or working with AirGigs talent.

I've worked with hundreds of different artists all over the world, live and in the studio, remotely and in person, as a session drummer, producer, and mixing engineer, and in a variety of genres like: indie rock, pop, country, folk, and CCM. I've also written articles that have been featured in the AirGigs blog. Most importantly I still have a passion for music and love to connect with other musicians and help them overcome roadblocks and get to the next level.

Interested in consulting with me? Shoot me a message to check my availability, find a time, and tell me what topic(s) you want to discuss. Once you book your consultation and tell me whether you want to do a video chat or a phone call I'll send you my contact info and we'll connect at our specified time. I can do longer consultations if needed. If you want to do recurring consultations to try and work toward a goal, you can subscribe to this consultation service and save 10% on each consultation.

Let me know if you have any questions for me. Thanks for checking out my AirGigs listing!

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