Ill record amazing drums for your song for $40

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Ill record amazing drums for your song for $40

Are you looking to add REAL drums to your song and take it to a whole new level?

Hi, I'm Lucas Seoane, and I'm going to be your studio drummer. With +10 years of experience in the studio, as a touring musician and +400 orders completed in other platforms, I'm going to help YOU get the ideal drum parts for your song.

The workflow is simple: You just need to send me your tracks, we discuss what you have in mind, and in no time you'll receive pro drum tracks tailor-made for your project. If you already have a MIDI drum part you want me to replace, we can do that as well.

You'll receive an individual HQ stem just with the drum set (as a whole) and 10 separate HQ raw stems:
- Kick
- SubKick
- Snare Top
- Snare Bottom
- Toms x 2
- Overheads L/R and Mono
- Room
(This is a template, you can choose which mics you want and where you want them as well)

If you want to add some percussion elements or electronic sounds, just let me know and we'll make it work for your song

I'm available to answer all your questions and discuss your project in detail so you can receive the drum parts you've always wanted.
If you don't have any questions, feel free to place your order and let's make some music together!

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