Drum Recording by Nashville Session Drummer POP / ROCK / WORSHIP for $150

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Nate Onstott

Drum Recording by Nashville Session Drummer POP / ROCK / WORSHIP for $150

Nashville Session and Live drummer with 17 years experience in Nashville. Graduated from Nashville's Belmont University with a degree in Music, 2007. Experience performing all Styles. I love all types of music. I specialize in ROCK, POP and WORSHIP.

I will record drums for your song in my home studio. $150/song (only 1 revision for this price). I can provide raw audio or stems with my processing (extra charge). I track in Logic Pro X. Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with additional PreAmps to add color.

Shure Beta 52 , Solomon LoFreq "subkick", Shure sm57 (4), Beyer Dynamic M201, sE V Beat (2), and AKG C214 (2)

I track on a Barton Drum kit (in all sizes). I also have an Anchor kit in Maple/Poplar and a smaller tighter custom OCDP kit (2002). I have 8 different snares including Sugar Percussion, DW, Ludwig, Yamaha, Tama, and more. A large collection of versatile Zildjian Cymbals. Lots of shakers, tambourines and other percussion stuff to add to the vibe of your track. I love adding layers of percussion if that's what you need!

I would love to help take your song to the next level and help create your musical vision! I aim to please! Contact me!

  • Rock
  • Gospel
  • Pop

Father of Lights - Colin Reger

CCM - Pop Rock
  • Father of Lights - Colin Reger
  • Who He Is - Carol Current
  • You Wanna - Carole Curty
  • Your Kinda Magic - Danielle Desmond

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