Hotshot PUNK/HARDCORE/METAL drums for your tracks for $55

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Maxim Prokofiev

Hotshot PUNK/HARDCORE/METAL drums for your tracks for $55

Please send me a message before you make an order.

Drum multitrack includes up to 16 channels. I record 2-3 takes and make part editing from them. Usually it works great, but if you want to do it in your own way, no problem. It's up to you :)
Also if some proceccing need, I can do it with extra cost.

I use nice gear in record process. Good sounding drums and plenty of cymbals for wide musical purposes.

Drum sets:

•Ludwig Keystone 12-13-16-18-22
•Ludwig Super Classic 13-16-22

Snare drums:

•Premier Artis Birch 14x5.5
•Ludwig Acrolite 14x5
•Ludwig Keystone 14x6.5
•Pearl Ultracast 14x5

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals:

•5" Therapium Bell
•8" Traditional Splash
•10" Samatya Splash
•10" Murathan Bell
•12" Samatya Splash
•14" Sultan Hi-Hat
•14" Radiant China
•15" Origin Dark Hi-Hat
•16" X-Ray Random Hi-Hat
•16" Radiant China
•17" Hamer Crash Classic
•17" Radiant Sweet Crash
•18" Radiant Sweet Crash
•18" X-Ray Multi Crash
•20" Radiant Medium Ride
•21" Murathan Ride
•22" Legend Dry Ride

Audiointerface and preamps:

•RME fireface 800
•Motu 8pre
•TL Audio 5052



•Beyerdynamic D71
•Beyerdynamic Opus 65
•Beyerdynamic D35 x 4
•Beyerdynamic TG58 x 2
•Beyerdynamic TGi53 x 2
•Beyerdynamic M422
•Beyerdynamic M55
•Heil PR20
•Shure SM57
•Bash Audio RMBiv 1 x 2
•Oktava MK 219
•Behringer C2 x 2
•DIY Subkick

  • Punk
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Pop-Rock


Drums Only
  • Vorvan
  • Vorvan
  • Kazuskoma

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