Nashville studio drum tracks for your project. for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Matt Iceman

Nashville studio drum tracks for your project. for $100

$100.00/song with 2 revisions (if necessary)

Drums, perc (shaker, tambourine, etc.), creating loops organically

Yamaha Oak Custom drums in various sizes. (Great modern sounding drums. Big and Punchy)
60's/70's Slingerland 3 ply kit ( Old School kit. Warm and "wooly" sounding)
Yamaha Maple Jazz kit
Wide selection of snares ( Brass, Bronze, Steel, Aluminum, Oak and Maple) and cymbals. From warm, dark and earthy to bright, crisp and cutting, I've got you covered.

Record into Logic via Apogee Ensemble interface and Neve and API clone pres.
Usually record 11-12 tracks of drums, but can record up to 16 depending on your needs. 44.1 and 48 sample rates. Can do 8 channels up to 96K.
An example would be:
1. Kick In
2. Subkick
3. Snare top
4. Snare bottom
5. Hat
6. Tom 1
7. Tom 2
8. OH L
9. OH R
10. Room L
11. Room R
12. Far Mono Room (Hallway)

Various professional mics from Shure, AKG, Audio Technica...

Please take a moment to listen to the tracks I've posted on Soundcloud. Some of the songs are fully finished productions that have been mixed and mastered after I've sent my drum tracks to the client. Some are just rhythm section samples that feature raw drum tracks, meaning what you're hearing is completely dry. No eq or compression. The latter will give you a good indication of what you get from me, while the former shows you what you can end up with. It all starts with a good player, a good instrument, and a good signal. I strive to provide you with these things.

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