Create Handpan relaxing music for your project for $80

In Drums 100% Guarantee By zhen77

Create Handpan relaxing music for your project for $80

I'm a multi-instrumentalist and handpan endorser, I can create music for your project with: handpan, indian harmonium, keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar, electric ambient guitar, voice, tibetan bells, ocean drum, harmonica...

I will use one or more of this instruments to compose original music and atmosophere for your relaxing time, yoga sessions, meditation, massage, guided meditation, wellness and spa backgound.

At this link you can listen some of my productions

Here you will find some videos

80 euros for a 5 min recording (handpan + another instrument), also available for longer recordings

  • Ambient
  • World
  • Lounge
  • Singer-Songwriter

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