Vintage and Classic Acoustic Drums PRO Recording for $45

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Vintage and Classic Acoustic Drums PRO Recording for $45

If Vintage Drumset recording is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Hi there!
My name is Francisco.
I am a Drummer, Percussionist and Mixing Engineer. I am also the head of FranGroove Music Productions.

I own a wide variety of drums and cymbals. I have a large collection of 60s and 70s drum kits if you are into the old vintage sound (my favourite!), plus brand new Gretsch maple and birch drums. Also quite a few Ludwig snares (you can never go wrong with a supraphonic!).

The same goes with mics. I own ribbon mics for a vintage touch, plus AKG, Shure and RØDE condenser and dynamic mics.

You will get all 9 separated stems plus a stereo mix for you to listen to.

We can have as many revisions as we need until the track is perfect.

If you need some percussion recorded as well don't hesitate to ask!

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