Have your drum or percussion recordings done by top Ohio Professional. for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Kerry Kennard

Have your drum or percussion recordings done by top Ohio Professional. for $100

For this service, you receive:
- Studio quality drum multi-tracks. Drums go onto six (6) individual tracks, totally dry. Final delivery are six (6) separate files for you to do as you with.
I can also provide other effects per track, saving you time and money in your studio.
- up to 4 revision takes to change the drum part or try different sounds, satisfying needs for your project

- Any 3 tracks of Drum set or percussion you may need

- Any 3 drum loops/drum programming tracks

How it works:
1) First, send a message and let's talk about your project and your specific needs.
2) To begin recording, I'll need a demo track to play to. This can be anywhere from an instrument/vocal mix, to a full session recorded at your studio.
The demo must be recorded to a click track, or let me know the BPM of your project.
3) Once I have the right sounds for your project, I'll record a take and send you an MP3 to review. You will hear the demo and drum part mixed together.
4) Next, we can make any changes necessary and I'll send you another MP3 for review.
5) Once you have a drum part you approve, I'll send you the individual wav. files from the session in a .zip file.

All the .wav files are sent "dry" without any post-production or mixing.
You will have more options when it comes to mixing/mastering your session. Lastly, you can send these files out to be mixed or drop them in your session!

Drum Sets:
Yamaha Stage Custom (2021) Birch Shells
Ludwig (Classic w/ power toms 8 & 10' {1980s))
Paiste Cymbals
Dream Cymbal (ride / Crash)
Zildian Cymbals (Symphonic crash cyms - for any other effect you may want)

Mic Set:
Shure (Mid-grade) mic kit
2 overhead
Snare, Tom, Floor tom, and Bass Drum mics
(use the two (2) overheads for many uses - Congas, Djembe, Vibes, etc)

Electronic Gear:
DrumKat with Roland R-8 (1980's) or use with Apple Logic Pro drums

Logic Pro (DAW)
Apple library
Native Instruments Kontack 11 (with updates)
HALion library ( Dorico sounds/Steinberg)

If you have any questions, please send a message.
I look forward working with you and your project.

  • Pop-Rock
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • World
  • Musical theatre
  • Reggae

Sarah's Life

Original Jazz Ens. piece
  • Sarah's Life
  • Want you back
  • Cake by the Ocean
  • Hail to my Fairy Land

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