Live drum tracks for your music for $75

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Live drum tracks for your music for $75

I'm Simon, a professional drummer based in the UK with over 15 years experience working in the music industry. I have always loved recording drums for peoples music and I am now able to record drums remotely for your music!
I am new to remote recording but am confident I can produce a great sounding high quality drum track for your music. I enjoy collaborating and hearing ideas, always feeling the collective input is the best way of achieving the best part. I'm happy to arrange a call or email to find out what you have in mind and to work on how best to achieve it. I am a strong reader so if you have any written parts I'm happy to work with them too.
I want to make sure I deliver the ideal part for your music, so I am happy to do up to three retakes until you are 100% happy.

What you will receive with my remote session service:

1 mixed drum track for demos
8 RAW drum tracks for mixing (if there is a specific way you want me to mic the kit please let me know)
overdubs of shakers, tambourines, or drum overdubs if required

What I need to deliver the perfect part for your music:

guide track- please specify if its a rough guide track or the final mix.
BPM of your track
Separate click track - this is not essential but will help me deliver a good drum track, especially if your music is being built on top of the drum part.
References of what you have in mind- this can be anything from including a youtube or spotify link, letting me know your favourite albums/drummers or written drum parts.

I have a wide selection of drum gear and can offer a range of sounds.

Yamaha Maple Custom Hybrid- more modern sound
Sonor Delite- great for big full drum sounds
Premier Artist Birch- my little jazz kit
70's Premier Olympic- great for the vintage vibes!

I have a range of snares from vintage to modern by Ludwig, Gretsch and Yamaha- just let me know the sound your after!

Cymbals- I use a range of Zildjian's, especially a good range of darker sounding cymbals

Recording gear:
Logic Pro X
Focusrite interface

I use a selection of mic by Rode, Shure, Audix and Audio Technica

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Musical theatre

Circles cover

Ash Soan
  • Circles cover
  • mega drum overdub
  • Phat Track
  • Seven Days
  • Pretty Girls
  • Oakland Zone

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