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session drummer for $1500

Akille made his first musical experiences as a percussionist in the local youth brass band when he was ten. At the same time he took drum lessons at the music school of Domat/Ems. As a teenager he founded the «Junggugga Moorschlümpf» in which he was involved as a drummer, trumpeter and overall director. From 2011 to 2013 he acted as a drummer in the iconic band «Skafari» from Chur with whom he had gigs in Switzerland, Kenya and Brazil. Akille later attended choir and wind orchestra conducting courses. From 2013 to 2017 he was the conductor of a wind orchestra. Akille gained experience in the recording studio as part of a course during his studies at university of education. As a drummer, he feels particularly at home in the funk and fusion genres. In addition to drum set and percussion, Akille plays the piano and teaches music at secondary school.

- Shure SM57
- Sabian overheads
- Sabian kick mic
- Zoom mixer
- Logix pro X

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