Session drummer, drum tracks, drum recording, drums for $60

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Session drummer, drum tracks, drum recording, drums for $60

Are you in search of a professional session drummer to bring your music to life with high-quality drum tracks? Look no further! With over 16 years of experience playing drums, I have recorded drum tracks for a wide range of genres, including rock, metal, pop, and funk.

In my private studio, I use only the best equipment to capture the full, dynamic sound of real acoustic drums. My goal is to provide you with drum tracks that have a natural feel and groove, without any unnatural quantizing.

As a session drummer, I have worked with clients from all over the world, recording drum tracks for over 200 songs in the past year alone. I pride myself on delivering fast, reliable service and open communication with my clients.

When you choose my gig, you can expect:
-High-quality drum tracks recorded with real acoustic drums
-Fast delivery of the final product
-Professional, reliable service
-The opportunity to work with a skilled and experienced session drummer

Don't settle for drum tracks that lack the energy and authenticity of real drums. Choose my gig and get the professional, high-quality drum tracks you deserve. Text me now and let's discus!

  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Funk
  • Country
  • Blues

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