Drum Programming for $50

In Drums By Eric Monstera

Drum Programming for $50

I will program high quality sounding drums for your song(s).

I can provide you with either one wav. file with all drums on it with them levelled perfectly OR I can provide you with wav. files for each individual drum plus overheads, room etc.

The price above is for one song with a max length of 4 minutes.

If your song is longer or you require for more than one song, hit me up for pricing.

**Please note** if your song is not played to a click, the drums will not follow your time, they will be performed to a grid on the BPM you provide, Any timing changes must be provided with time stamps of where they are in the track.

  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Pop

Programmed drums no song

Excerpt of drums only from Fingers by Hyperanian
  • Programmed drums no song
  • Programmed drums song

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