Vocal Tuning / Pitch correction for $50

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Vocal Tuning / Pitch correction for $50

I can provide Vocal tuning / Pitch correction for one song (Max 2 vocal tracks)

If you have more tracks or songs, hit me up for a price.

Vocal tuning can make or break a song. It's not just for someone who has hit a bum note in an otherwise perfect performance. It is a powerful tool to create the perfect sounding vocal track for your song.

**Please note** Vocal tuning can only go so far while still sounding natural, if it is a very bad vocal take, the tuning will sound like T-pain but not as good. If I think your vocal performance isn't going to benefit from my work, I will let you know and cancel the job or wait until you provide me with another vocal take.

Vocal tuning

Some light vocal tuning for the song Complete by First Encounter
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