Professional Remote Drum Kit and Percussion Recording for your tracks for $200

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Professional Remote Drum Kit and Percussion Recording for your tracks for $200

I work from a professionally equipped recording studio, which has every imaginable percussion instrument. I can provide everything from Drum Kit and Tambourine, to Marimba and Shekere. Please see media below for examples of my work. As a recording artist, i've worked on everything from classical records for Howard Goodall and Classic FM, to pop records for the annual John Lewis christmas TV campaign.

For $200 (£150) I will record up to 15 minutes of music on one instrument. Up to 15 minutes of music on additional instruments will come at an extra negotiable fee. In addition to the recording, I offer up to a 30 minute Zoom consultation to discuss the requirements of the track, and your vision for the music. I can play from sheet music that you send over, transcribe something that you have recorded and re-record it, or simply improvise a part based on what you want. I am happy to send over my track(s) edited for an extra fee of $40 (£30), and I can also make a click track for my recording if you want for an extra fee of $20 (£15). This click track can then be used for any other instruments you're adding to the project. Finally, I also offer the chance to have a video of my recording as well, which will be synced to the professional quality audio. This comes for an extra cost of $10 (£5).

Once i've sent you my recording(s), you have the opportunity to send over any notes, so if you are not happy with the first version, I will record another one for you taking into account your comments, which will then be the final version.

The media below shows examples of my work. The "You Will Be Found" audio not only shows my playing of many different percussion instruments, but also my ability to transcribe and arrange. I transcribed the whole song from the Broadway cast recording, and then arranged it myself for a percussion ensemble of 15 players. I then recorded all the parts myself to click, and edited, mixed, and mastered the audio. "Say Something" shows I am very comfortable improvising drums to a track currently without drums on.

I am passionate about making music, and look forward to getting involved in as many projects as I can.

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Choral
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop-Rock

You Will Be Found

My arrangement of the song "You Will Be Found" for percussion
  • You Will Be Found

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