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As a drummer AND producer with many years of experience, I know both sides of the equation. Yes, I can play and record drums for your music to a world standard, but most importantly, I understand what artists and producers need when hiring musicians online.

-I appreciate the importance of communication and making sure we're on the same page musically and creatively.

-I understand that you need record ready drums that sound great and fit the world and aesthetic of your song as soon as you import them into your session.

-And most of all, I never forget that the song is KING. It's all about what the song needs, be it a simple but groovy pocket, an intricate virtuoso performance, some percussion textures, contemporary programmed drums, or anything else the track might need.

Technical Stuff:
-13 tracks of drum recording going through the best UAD Apollo hardware and classic preamp emulations
-World-class Shure, AKG, SE, Cascade mics
-Ludwig/Rogers drums and Sabian cymbals
-All kinds of percussion toys (tambos, shakers, hooves, and all kinds of weird elements!)
-Whatever drum programming your track might need

I'll send 2-3 edited comps so as to make sure you get the best performance possible. Sending 2-3 comps gives you ultimate control so you can create your master comp if needed and get exactly the performance you want.

2 Revisions. I've never been asked for more than 1 revision. We over-communicate before I even sit at the drums so as to make sure we're perfectly aligned creatively. Not only that, before laying the final takes I'll send you a reference stereo drum recording of me playing to your track so you can tell me whether you'd change anything performance/sound wise or if it's right on the money. This quick iterative process makes it so that we're pretty much 100% aligned when I sit down to lay down the final takes.

Even though I've never been asked for more than 1 revision, I'm including an extra 2nd revision just in case that might be needed someday :)

I've put '4 days' as a maximum time for delivering projects, but if you're in a hurry I can deliver drums much more quickly. I've delivered in less than 1 hour before! Do message to check availability.

I offer discounts for multiple song projects. Any questions let me know.

Looking forward to making some great music together!

Hablo Español también ;)

  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Electronic
  • Hard Rock
  • Neo soul
  • Singer-Songwriter


Various tracks I've played on recently
  • Various
  • Cinematic Drums
  • Phat drums
  • Slow Burn (Kacey Musgraves)

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