Drum Editing for $55

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Drum Editing for $55

With over 15 years of experience in drum editing, I'm here to fix the timing issues with your drum recordings. I can tighten up your drum performance as much or as little as you'd like. Some prefer to go with 100% "on the grid", while others may want a lighter touch to maintain more of the original performance.

I will edit your drums in Pro Tools using Beat Detective and manual editing.
Send all your drum tracks of the best take (all tracks starting at 00:00:00) and in the original format they were recorded in. Include the BPM info (Tempo Map) and send a reference/guide track, like a guitar, bass, keys, etc. if you have one.

When editing is finished, I'll send you an mp3 so you can check the work and when you're happy with the results, you'll get back the edited drums multitrack.

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