Top Seattle Session Drummer Available to Record Live Acoustic Drums on Your Song for $75

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Top Seattle Session Drummer Available to Record Live Acoustic Drums on Your Song for $75

(Please Note!!! I will be out of town this memorial day weekend. I will have my laptop with me so still feel free to reach out to me but it may take me a little longer than normal to respond. Thanks in advance.)

If you are looking for that right drum sound for you next song, album, or composition you are at the right place! I want to deliver to you clean, great sounding drum tracks at an affordable price.
I have been playing drums for over 20 years and have become a sought after session musician based out of the Seattle area. I have worked in a wide range of musical situations from bands and song writers, to music theater and even worked with orchestras. I cover a wide range of musical styles included but not limited to rock. punk, pop, country, reggae, jazz, classical, funk, disco and more. I can play by ear and I can also read music. So if you got a chart for your project send it in! If not no worries.
The drums I use are DW drums and I own a variety of snares so I can sonically find one that fits your song. I also use Zildjian cymbals ranging in the K and A custom series. For mics I use a combination of Shure, Audix, and AKG mics and use two Focusrite audio interfaces. My main interface is the Clarett+ 8pre and then I also use a Scarlett 18i20 as well. The DAW I use is Logic Pro X.
If you are interested or if you have any additional questions please feel free to drop me a line and I would be happy to get back in touch with you.

  • Country
  • Pop
  • Punk
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

Dearly Departed

This is a song I recorded on the second record I did with the punk band Absence of Youth
  • Dearly Departed
  • My Fear Won't Overcome Me
  • Not Going Out

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