Big Vintage Drums MultiTracks for $100

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Big Vintage Drums MultiTracks for $100

HI! I’m Daniel, an Italian session/touring drummer.
I featured in many EMI and Sony electro/pop/rock albums as studio drummer, and I’m an official Zildjian Cymbals Endorser.
I provide professional acoustic drum tracks from my own studio for your songs or projects.
I’m a rock drummer, but i’ve played and recorded any type music, as hip hop, latin, funky, metal, d’n’b…
you’ll have a great choice of sounds and percussions with a lot of vintage instruments.
I can also provide a full grid editing, with basic Eq, gates and compressor if needed or a total flat drum track.


-Main Drums
Vintage 1965 Ludwig Superclassic Maple/Poplar 22/13/16/18
Vintage 1976 Ludwig Acrylic Vistalite 22/13/15/16
Vintage 1978 Ludwig Stainless Steel 24/12/13/16
DW Collector Maple 22/20/8/10/12/14/16
Vintage 1980 Simmons SDS800 drum Synthesizer
up to 15 Vintage Snares
up to 40 various Zildjian Cymbals

Cubase Pro 10
14 channels Drum Multi Tracks provided by Apogee Ensemble/ Focusrite Octopre
SPL Goldmike Tube preamps, API Compressors

-Drums Mics (14 channels)
1 . KICK(IN) : Shure Beta91a
2 . KICK (OUT) : AKG d12,
3 . SUBKICK : SolomonMics SubKick
4 . SNARE (TOP) : Shure Sm57/Audix i5
5. SNARE (TOP2): Electrovoice ND66
7 . RACK TOM(s) : Sennheiser md441
8 . FLOOR TOM : AKG d112
9 . HIHAT : AKG C451 B
10 . RIDE : AudioTechnica ATM 450
11 . OVERHEAD (R) : RODE NTK Tube Mic
12 . OVERHEAD (L) : RODE NTK Tube Mic
13 . ROOM (R) Vintage Rubber mic
14 . ROOM (L) Vintage Rubber mic​


Vintage Analog Sounds from My Simmons SDS800 Drum Synthesizer
  • Electrostatic
  • Bad Boy Beat
  • Groovy Reverb
  • VideoTape DRM RMX
  • Big Rock

5 Reviews

  1. Review By: 2919music Apr 6, 2019

    Daniel has been a pleasure to work with and was able to, not just re-create drum ideas I had, but, find the right feel and make the parts work even better than the way I had them in my head. He was also able to come up with some really complex and interesting parts for the middle 8 sections of our songs. It was also very easy and a blast to work with someone who is over 4000 miles away.

  2. Review By: 2919music Mar 22, 2019

    Daniel has been an excellent working partner on our music. He takes time to dial in the right feel and is very receptive and responsive to feedback and changing fills, swapping out drums to make the sound better. Highly recommend working with him.

  3. Review By: 2919music Mar 14, 2019

    He did a great job on a song that is not a typical rock song. Came up with great ideas for the middle 8, and is willing to change fills and try different things to serve the song.

  4. Review By: 2919music Feb 18, 2019

    Very professional. Would use his services again and again.

  5. Review By: 2919music Jan 13, 2019

    Daniel is a talented professional, who was quickly able to adapt his style to what we had in mind for the song. He was able to turn around revisions quickly and correctly. I would recommend working with him, and plan to work with him on other songs in the future.