Big Vintage Drums MultiTracks for $150

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Daniel Fasano

Big Vintage Drums MultiTracks for $150

HI! I’m Daniel, an Italian session/touring drummer, played with dARI, Mario Biondi, Irama, Shade, and more.
I featured in many EMI and Sony electro/pop/rock albums as studio drummer, and I’m endorsed by Zildjian, Gretsch, Remo and Vater Drumsticks.
I provide professional acoustic drum tracks from my own studio for your songs or projects.
I’m a rock drummer, but i’ve played and recorded any type music, as hip hop, latin, funky, metal, d’n’b…
you’ll have a great choice of sounds and percussions with a lot of vintage instruments.
I can also provide a full grid editing, with basic Eq, gates and compressor if needed or a total flat drum track.


-Main Drums
Vintage 1963 Gretsch Round Badge 20/12/14
Gretsch Brooklyn 22/13/16
Gretsch Renown 22/10/12/14/16
Gretsch BroadKaster 22/13/16
Vintage 1965 Ludwig Superclassic Maple/Poplar 22/13/16/18
Vintage 1976 Ludwig Acrylic Vistalite 22/13/15/16
Vintage 1978 Ludwig Stainless Steel 24/12/13/16
Vintage 1980 Simmons SDS800 drum Synthesizer
up to 15 Vintage Snares
up to 40 various Zildjian Cymbals

Cubase Pro 10
16 channels Drum Multi Tracks provided by Apollo UAD / Apogee Ensemble
-Analog Hardware
Preamps: Api 512c , SPL Goldmike, Art MPA II, HRK
Outboards: Distressor, Spl TDX, Valley People Gatex, DBX Eq, Art VLA II, Lexicon

-Drums Mics (15 channels)
1 . KICK(IN) : Shure Beta91a
2 . KICK (OUT) : AKG d12 (Vintage)
3 . SUBKICK : SolomonMics SubKick
4 . SNARE (TOP) : Shure Sm57/Revox m3500 (Vintage)
5. SNARE (TOP2): Electrovoice ND66
7 . RACK TOM(s) : Sennheiser md441 (Vintage)
8 . FLOOR TOM : AKG d112
9 . HIHAT : AKG C451 B
10 . RIDE : AudioTechnica ATM 450
11 . OVERHEAD (R) : RODE NTK Tube Mic
12 . OVERHEAD (L) : RODE NTK Tube Mic
13 . ROOM (R): Aston Origin
14 . ROOM (L): Aston Origin
15. ROOM MONO : BeyerDynamics M160
16. Stereo Reverb LEXICON MX200


  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Metal

VideoTape DRM RMX

Some breakbeats on this famous Radiohead Tune with my '60 Ludwig Superclassic
  • VideoTape DRM RMX
  • Bad Boy Beat
  • Big Rock
  • Electrostatic
  • Groovy Reverb

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