Drum recording INCLUDES MIXED STEMS for $100

In Drums By Mario Telaro

Drum recording INCLUDES MIXED STEMS for $100

Session drummer based in Montreal, Canada. Recording credits include Bobby Bazini, Celine Dion, Ryan Kinder, Ima, Patrick Lehman, The Damn Truth, Matt Laurent, Garou. I'm equipped to record a full 14 mic modern drum sound as well as more retro outfits. I work very often in pop, country, rock, r&b and soul. I deliver raw files, mixed stems (i.e. kick, snare, stereo overheads, stereo room, stereo toms) and a full mixed stereo stem with samples (if needed) and automation rides (if needed). Revisions include revisions on mixes as well.

Drums include:
3 Tama Starclassic kits (endorsed).
- Birch/Bubinga 26" Kick, 13" tom, 16" floor tom
- Birch/Bubinga 24" Kick, 12" tom, 14" floor tom, 16" floor tom, 14" x 5.5" Snare
- Birch/Bubinga 20" Kick, 8" Bubinga Elite Tom, 14" Bubinga Elite floor tom
Vintage 60s Ludwig Drums
- 22" Kick, 12", 13", 16" toms
Vintage 70s Slingerland
- 22" Kick, 12", 13", 16" toms
and various others

Snares: Ludwig Supraphonic 70s 6.5"x14", 2 x 60s Supraphonics, 70s Acrolite
Tama: Starphonic Chrome Over Brass, SLP Bronze, B/B 5.5"
Yamaha: 80s 8" Brass, 7" maple
Pearl: 80s 6.5" Steel
Ayotte Pro Custom
Premier Royal Ace 4"

Dream Cymbals (Endorsed)
15" 16" hi hats, 18", 20", 22" crash/rides from the Bliss and Vintage/Bliss lines
- vintage 70s Zildjian A hats
- Paiste 2002 15" Hi-Hats
- Zildjian A Custom Crash 19"
- Zildjian 22" K Custom Ride
& Various Zildjian and Sabian cymbals

Preamps Include:
Warm Audio

Apogee Converters

Microphones Include:
Various Condensers including: AKG c414, Warm Audio wa47jr (pair), Shure Sm81s etc
Various Ribbons including: vintage Beyerdynamic m260, Cascade Fatheads, Electro Harmonix, vintage Beyerdynamic m500
Various Dynamics including: Electrovoice re 20, Shure SM7B, SM 57s, Audix D2s and D4, MD 421, Shure Beta 52, Audix I5
Access to others.

  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Country
  • Soul
  • R&B
  • Punk
  • Pop

My Melody

Song I co-produced, engineered, performed/recorded/mixed the drums on
  • My Melody

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