I will record the Drums Tracks for your song for $100

In Drums By Luca Bertaglia

I will record the Drums Tracks for your song for $100

Drummer, composer, arranger, educator, session drummer, bandleader and professional musician based in New York City.

I’ve been recording for years with artists of every genre, including rock, pop, indie, soul, alternative progressive rock, indie rock/pop, hard-rock, jazz, electronic music, and contemporary music.

Fully equipped with a drum studio recording with different kit sizes, I will provide you with the best sound that fits your song. I PLAY FOR THE MUSIC!!

I had the pleasure and honor to tour around Europe and the US, performing and being interview in national and international venues, Radio Stations, TV-Shows, and Festivals.

Currently working with: Everstill, The Motor Tom, Lady Strange, Opposite, Flare, Astra The 22's, Luca Bertaglia Mind Project.


DAW: Logic Pro X, Waves Plugin
Interface: MOTU 4Pre Hybrid
Snare Mic: Shure SM57
Bass Drum Mic: sE V KICK
Overhead Mics: Sontronics STC-1


Everstill - "Longing"
The Motor Tom - "Waterfall World"
The Motor Tom - "Lava Land"
The Motor Tom - "Super Sexy Space Station"
Lady Strange - "Right About Now"
The Ver Sierra - "The Ver Sierra"
Astra The 22's - "New York City Kids"

- 2 overheads tracks
- 1 snare drum track
- 1 bass drum track
- 1 mix of the processed drums (stereo)
- 1 mix of the song with drums
- The option to request ONE revision if necessary, to make sure that you get drum tracks that exceed you expectations.

Each track will be delivered in “.wav” format, ready to be dropped in your session.

Can't wait to dive into your project!!

  • Jazz
  • Pop-Rock
  • Prog rock
  • Electronic
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Pop
  • Rock

"In Your Dreams" - Everstill

Duo project Everstill
  • "In Your Dreams" - Everstill
  • "New York City Kids" - Astra The 22's
  • "What Was" - Chick Corea & Luca Bertaglia

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