Remote Drum Recordings by Matt Hardy UK - High quality drums with thought and feel on your track. for $80

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Remote Drum Recordings by Matt Hardy UK - High quality drums with thought and feel on your track. for $80

I'm Matt, a session drummer based in London, UK. I've been working as studio drummer for the past 5 years and I specialise in multi-track remote recording, working from my own studio space. I absolutely love recording and making records, and I strive to provide quality by finding the right drum sound, part and feel to fit the song.

After recording and touring in bands for several years I have focused over the last few years on working closely with a number of UK singer-songwriters. Recent tracks I've worked on have been featured on television by Ford, Finnair, on US TV and on BBC radio.

My recent work has seen me record for Jake Houlsby, Ajimal, Grace Gillespie, Marek Kubala, Mat Hunsley, Trev Gibb and more.

I use good quality recording gear and microphones and have a mix of modern and vintage drums and cymbals to choose from to suit your track. I will provide you with a fully comped take, as well as any useful secondary takes for options. Each take will be in the form of individual wav files for each microphone channel and I can provide up to 2 revisions. I typically record using around 10 microphones but I have the capacity for more channels should you wish. I will also add any percussion you or I think is needed on the track. If you have any questions about recording gear and methods please get in touch.


"Matt is without doubt one of the finest session drummers I have worked with. He has solid ideas for drum parts and is flexible with these when suggestions are made. He is adaptable too, managing to quickly change style and sound to suit the needs of the song. Having recently received some of his own drum recordings for a long-term project, I can see that he is also a solid engineer in that he really understands not just the playing aspect of drumming but how the drums should actually sound for a recording. Arguably most importantly, Matt is an upbeat, friendly and approachable person which makes for really pleasant and enjoyable sessions."
- Martin Francis Trollope, Sound Engineer/ Producer.

"Creative and versatile drummer with a great attitude. Always a pleasure to work with."
- Jake Houlsby, Singer-Songwriter.

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Jake Houlsby - Oklahoma

  • Jake Houlsby - Oklahoma

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