Online/Remote Drum Tracks from David Simms for $30

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Online/Remote Drum Tracks from David Simms for $30

Studio/Session Drummer/Percussionist based out of Northeast Ohio. 30+ years playing experience in bands, sessions, percussion ensembles, and symphony orchestras.

I provide real, organic drums and percussion for your recordings. Pop, rock, metal, country, R&B, rap, soul, jazz, and gospel. I have played everything from orchestral to thrash metal.

I play for your music and to serve the song.

I primarily use Tama Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans and Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead and Pro Mark sticks, Presonus interfaces and preamps, Sennheiser, Shure, and Studio Projects microphones. I have a collection of 10 modern and vintage snare drums that I will choose from to get the best fit for your song (default is a 2009 Ludwig LM402).

I will record with up to 13 microphones. I always record two on the bass drum, two on the snare, a pair of overheads, and a pair of room mics. I have five toms set up and miced (I will delete the track if the drum is not used).

The Dreamer

  • The Dreamer
  • Reassurance
  • Pop Country Sample
  • Hard Rock Sample

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