Precision Drum Tracks with Feel for $40

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Alex Johnson

Precision Drum Tracks with Feel for $40

Professional drum tracks recorded with feel and precision in a top-of-the-line drum studio, all delivered to you with quick turnaround.

My name is Alex Johnson, Denver-based recording and touring drummer, and owner / engineer of With over a decade of experience in the studio and on the road, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the drum tracks you dreamed of. I use thorough communication, a high-quality recording studio, the best microphones, amazing vintage and modern drums, hardware and plug-ins, all combined with undeniable feel on each track. More info at

Price includes live drums and up to three (3) revisions if necessary, per song. Tracks will be delivered as neat, orderly WAV files that easily drop into your session.

Let’s elevate your music with drum tracks that serve the song!

Drum + Percussion Sample

All drum / percussion performed and recorded by Alex Johnson
  • Drum + Percussion Sample
  • Americana Rock Sample
  • Funk Sample
  • Hip Hop Sample
  • Honkytonk Sample
  • Pop Sample
  • Basic Rock Sample
  • Folk Sample

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