Professional Studio Drums Acoustic/ Electric and Percussion Tracks to Make Your Music Soar for $75

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Professional Studio Drums Acoustic/ Electric and Percussion Tracks to Make Your Music Soar for $75

My name is Alex Ward. I have been playing drums and percussion for about 13 years and have been recording them for about 10 of those years. I record for all different types of music and I am very competent in getting YOU what you need. I have recorded for bands, and soloists, but I am trying to spread out more.

-Studio quality drum/percussion multi-tracks
-Up to 3 revisions, for different sounds or any specific applications such as drums/e-drums etc.
-If you would like the tracks mixed, I am willing to do that free of charge, just let me know.

When ordering I will require a scratch track with click track(or your BPM specifications). We will get in contact to see what feel or sound you are looking for and any specifications you may need. Then I will start recording your drum tracks. Once I feel satisfied with the recording I will send you an MP3 to review. I give up to 3 revisions so if you have any I will go through this process again until you accept the final MP3. Once accepted I will send you a zipped file with the individual WAV. files of the drums so you can drag them into your DAW software or send out to get mixed.

We can talk about how you want to go about this process, but because it would be a free add on I would only allow the revisions on the recordings of the drums. We can do the mixing through here or just through email, but I guarantee good results.

I can play on up to 3 different types of drum kits:
-Mapex Voyager with maple shells: Sizes-14" snare, 12" and 13" Rack Toms, a 16" Floor Tom, and a 22" Kick.
-Pearl Forum with maple shells: Sizes same as Mapex
-Tama StageStar with maple shells and steel snare: Sizes- 13" snare, 10" and 12" Rack Toms, 14" Floor Tom, and a 18" Kick.
I play with a mixture of Sabian and Meinl cymbals
and I record with CAD drum mics onto my Focusrite 18i20
I record and mix 8+ tracks to protools 2019

If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I look forward to doing business with you!

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