Professional Metal Drumming Sessions for $175

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Professional Metal Drumming Sessions for $175

I am Sean Lang, an experienced metal drummer and instructor. If you've searched for metal drumming on youtube, you've most likely come across one or more of my videos.

Please click "Audio" above to hear some examples of my session work.

For this gig, I will track any song up to 5 minutes long (unusually long songs will have to count as 2 or more songs)
Tracking is done on Roland V-drums. The MIDI performance is captured and is routed through Superior Drummer 2 Metal Foundry. You will get the individual WAV's as well as the overall MIDI performance for if you want to alter it yourself.
(If you prefer acoustic drums, I will have a separate gig listed for this once it is available)

I have tracked many metal songs and albums this way, as it makes it much simpler to achieve that modern metal sound (and makes editing much easier as well)

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Kardashev - Snow-Sleep

Track 2 From the album
  • Kardashev - Snow-Sleep
  • Kardashev - Heartache
  • Kardashev - A Frame. A Light.
  • Kardashev - Torchbearing

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