Beat Making / Instrumental track for $300

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Beat Making / Instrumental track for $300

How is it going? I’m Nicolas,
I release records as an artist and work for other artists and media projects. I’ve written, produced, mixed and mastered over 200 professional records and I have 25 Million streams on Spotify and Apple Music under my belt as a songwriter/producer. I’ve worked with massively successful artists, as well as artists starting out. I’ve worked,- and still work, with different music labels giving me a true understanding of the current music world.

When it comes to working for another artist, it is a labor of love and a big responsibility so I only take a limited amount of projects at any given time and give them my 100 perc, no bullshit!

I help other artists define an aesthetic for their projects, write songs with a focus in mind and give them the sound THEY WANT. But in today’s music world, a great song/recording isn’t enough anymore, so I also help them define a strategy so we can see traction in their careers. Few producers look after this area. I'm focused on getting results while creating the best music possible!! Get in touch for a chat :-) Nic

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Moody Beat

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  • Moody Beat

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