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Beat Making for $200

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I focus on creativity and sound quality. My goal is to help artists define their sound, so don't hesitate to hire me if you need a producer on your side for your development.

The compliance of my clients is my priority, so I can add more revisions free of charge if needed, and if you are still not satisfied with the result I will refund your money.

The work starts with a preliminary chat -which can be by text or video call- in which you tell me what your aesthetic goals are, and possible references. After producing the first version, it is sent for revision. Once you are happy with the result I send the mix for you to record the vocals, which you will then send back to me for final mixing and mastering.

Check my profile to see my 100% positive ratings as a mixing and mastering engineer. The final track will be ready to release, industry standard quality

All the tracks in my list have been produced, mixed, and mastered by myself.

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About me:
I'm a producer with years of experience in a lot of different styles, actually focusing on Trap, Rap, and Pop. Anyway, I have worked on a lot of experimental projects, including jazz, experimental rock, instrumental hip hop, and IDM, so I offer out-of-the-box thinking always. I can produce your song from scratch to the final mastered file.

I was born in Argentina, I studied piano since I was a child. At the age of 17, I moved to Buenos Aires where I studied piano at EMC (Jazz, Berklee international network) and at UNA (Classical) and production at Sonica (private music production institute).

U gonna regret

Experimental Hip Hop
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  • Shogun
  • Black Diamond

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