Full chill Lo-fi beat with live sounding guitar for $200

In Beat Makers By Herman Kolsanov

Full chill Lo-fi beat with live sounding guitar for $200

Lo-fi beats have taken all over the place. Beats for coding, beats to study to and for lots of other purposes are increasing their popularity. Now you can find hundreds of lo-fi instrumentals on YouTube, Soundcloud, and on streaming services. They are truly something.

Whether you want to have a lo-fi beat recorded for your song, or want to start a YouTube channel with lo-fi music but don't want to produce the music yourself, you are in a great place to start. I can help you with that.

I record lo-fi music using my guitar, and various sounds ranging from old dusty piano to the legendary mellotron The Beatles once used. I create unique samples that can be later used for a chill beat with modern sounding hip-hop drums.

If you are interested in stepping up in the lo-fi music game, or just want to have beats recorded for your own pleasure, don't hesitate to contact me because together we can find a way to create something magnificent.

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