I Create A Custom Bit-Hop Beat Or 8-Bit Theme For You for $100

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I Create A Custom Bit-Hop Beat Or 8-Bit Theme For You for $100

Do you like video games? Do you remember the childhood nostalgia of "Super Mario Bros." on the NES? The absolute frustration of trying to get past the first level of "Contra"? The euphoria of beating Ganon on "Legend Of Zelda"? If so, than you know the music was a large part of the experience.

If you are a gamer, an artist, and a lover of classic Hip-Hop, than I have the thing for you. Using my specialized skills, I will create a custom instrumental which combines 8-bit music with old-school Hip-Hop. I play the synths myself as well as providing the rhythm section, the sound effects, and the turntablism, so it's all royalty free! Even if a sample is necessary, I will simply interpolate, or replay it.

If Hip-Hop isn't really your speed and you simply want an 8-bit theme (as for a YouTube channel, movie, independent game project, etc.), that's just fine; I can do that too.

Let The Games Begin (Instrumental)

The intro track of my latest EP, "Let The Games Begin". Notice how the 8-Bit parts are interwoven smoothly enough to sound like samples.
  • Let The Games Begin (Instrumental)

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