Professional vocal mixing for your song for $300

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Professional vocal mixing for your song for $300

So you've decided to be an artist. Or just want to have a good sounding song of yours to show to friends and family. You have the instrumental at your disposal, got the vocals recorded in the studio or at home. Now it's time to mix them so that they lay onto track seamlessly - with some effects, sound processing and whatnot.

If so, you came to the right person. With several years of experience, I am able to conduct some magic with your dry vocals so that they sound good. It needs some touches before the song is ready to be published on the platforms or is to be shown to people around you.

Mainly I specialize in mixing vocals for trap and hip-hop: these are usually harsh vocals with tons of adlibs and compression. Nevertheless, I know how to mix your voice if it is a rock song, an indie song, or any other genre. Even psychedelic, that makes it a lot more interesting.

In the end, it comes to a vocalist to decide what his or her vocals should sound like. So with my help you can accomplish your project and fulfill your vision of how exactly you want it to sound like. With three revisions available, we can polish your vocal mix to perfection. I will be there throughout the whole process.

  • Trap
  • Hip Hop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • R&B
  • Rap

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