I will make a chill lofi beat for you for $10

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I will make a chill lofi beat for you for $10

Hey, I am a music producer based in India I will be offering a well constructed and mixed lofi song for you. As we all know lofi music is something we all have been listening to and give chill and nice vibes, I'll be offering the same in my package and you can also recommend/show me what type of vibe you want in your songs by mentioning different artists for example if you want powfu type beat or sarcastic sounds type beat etc. You can check my work on my Youtube, SoundCloud and Instagram. I will also be including lofi dialogues from different shows of your choice.

Link to my work :


1)a demo before an order will not be sent.
2) This gig does not include vocals. (dialogues can be added from different shows of your choice)
3)Text me before you place an order, we can even negotiate the price.
4) You can tell me your budget, we can make music according to your price.

Reyan Taj - Kanashii

This is one of the lofi song I made, in my package I'll be offering something similar
  • Reyan Taj - Kanashii

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