Instrumental beats from any type for $70

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Instrumental beats from any type for $70

My name is Axel, I am a producer, drummer and pianist. I am currently a film music student and aditionally I've completed some mixing, mastering and audio editing workshops outside my career. I've been producing for some years on my own and for artists in the area, all with different styles and customized for them. I´d love to share my expertise to help you achieve the best results for your projects.

I do instrumentals of all types/genres, the only thing I need is to know what you have in mind (tastes, and some instrumental or reference song) and I can start working. As soon as I have progress in the project I will let you know to see if you like the idea and so I can have a feedback to continue moving forward.

Should you require my services don´t hesitate to contact me and we can start working at your convenience.

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