Professional Bass Guitar Tracks (Fretted or Fretless) by Brandon Trent for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Brandon Trent

Professional Bass Guitar Tracks (Fretted or Fretless) by Brandon Trent for $75

{{FOR NEW, FIRST-TIME CLIENTS ONLY] VIA A "CUSTOM OFFER" I WILL RECORD THE FIRST SONG YOU BOOK WITH ME AT HALF MY ASKING PRICE -- INBOX ME FOR DETAILS TO WORK OUT A DEAL. FREE SAMPLES of me recording for your song(s) available upon request.} **NOTE: Additional fees required if any arranging and songwriting is needed in addition to me playing bass for you** My purpose is to give you the best performance possible for your tracks and for you to be completely satisfied with what you receive (I want your music to feel great). Whether I'm playing live or recording I always strive for the music to have a good groove and feel, and to help the rhythm section to be solid. My experience includes playing confidently with rock, dance/funk, R&B, blues, Cajun/Zydeco, praise & worship, country, and smooth jazz. Also, if you have a preference for me to play finger-style, slap, or with a pick I can certainly cover it. I can play by ear, but can also make use of any lead sheets/charts/written-out parts if you have those available. Below is list of my equipment and credits. Thank you for visiting my page, and if have any questions just send me a message. I look forward to working with you. (NOTE: I have my service listed with 5 revisions, but if more are needed I will work with you.)

1.) Carvin LB75 fretless (5-string)
2.) "Frankenstein" Jazz Bass w/ passive elect. (4-string)
3.) 2004 Ernie Ball Musicman SUB (American-made) (5-string)
4.) 2018 Sterling By Musicman Ray25 (5-string)
5.) Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass '54 w/ upgrades, passive elect. (4-string)
6.) 2019 Yamaha TRBX605 5-string (stock passive pickups w- active or passive EQ)

Amps/DI equipment:
1.) MXR Thump bass preamp
2.) Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
3.) Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp Pedal
4.) Livewire ADI Active DI
5.) Peavey MiniMAX 500
6.) Carvin BX700
7.) Eden WTDI preamp/DI

Recording Equipment:
1.) Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
2.) Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD audio interface
3.) Roland Quad-Capture audio interface

Recording Credits:
1.) Andy Smith Band - "King of Hearts" (1999) (pop rock)
2.) Andy Smith Band - "The Ballad of Dave Robichaux" (2009) (blues/jazz)
3.) Nick Myers - "The Road I'm On" (2007) (praise & worship)
4.) Raining In Paris - "Lullabies of the Lovesick" (2007) (progressive/hard rock)
5.) David Washington - "David Washington 2.0" (2019) (R&B/rock)

Country Cadillac by Michael Rey

A song written by country music writer, Michael Rey. Bass track recorded by me using my Yamaha TRBX605 5-string bass.
  • Country Cadillac by Michael Rey
  • A Gift Of Roses by Raining In Paris
  • Falling Required by Jeremy Gardner
  • Ballad Of Dave Robicheaux by Andy Smith Band
  • Cajun Rain by Andy Smith Band
  • The Road I'm On by Nick Myers
  • Song Of Dedication by Nick Myers
  • Holy Indeed by Nick Myers
  • Lullaby For The Lovesick by Raining In Paris
  • Blinding Truth by Raining In Paris

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