I will play the bom bom to your magnum opus for $75

In Bass By Laszlo Somogyi

I will play the bom bom to your magnum opus for $75

Your music is the most important to me, and I'll help you creating a groovy low end.

I'm good with the following genres: pop, rock, acoustic, reggae, ska, punk, electronic, chill

Just send me your song idea recorded, which can be either a raw demo or a basless fully developed song.

I will provide you the following:
unprocessed raw DI track
processed bass track (with amp sims, a touch of EQ and compressor)

I will not provide:
mixing and mastering

Nerdy gear talk:
Stingray-style bass guitar (Sterling by Musicman Ray34) upgraded with Aguilar pickup and preamp
Solid State Logic SSL 2 Audio Interface
Amp sims: Ampeg for the classic tones
Pedals: SansAmp Bass Driver DI, Octaver, Chorus, Overdrive, Fuzz

  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Hard Rock
  • Rock

My Sweet Hungary

Groovy bass line with a solo
  • My Sweet Hungary
  • Walking bass to a punk track
  • Lioneye - Wolves

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