Professional Bass Guitar Tracks for $150

In Bass By Joshua Walker

Professional Bass Guitar Tracks for $150

Hi there! I am Joshua Walker a freelance bass guitar player, Music Tutor, Session Player and Performer based in the north. If you have any tracks you would like a killer bass line for drop me line. I am comfortable in various music styles such as Pop, Rock, Indi-Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Metal anything you desire. Below is a list of gear that I own for you to pick and choose what you would like on your song.

Gear Used:

Custom Mike Lull 5-String
Music Man classic 4-String
Fender Jazz Aerodyne 4-String (Flat and round wounds used)
Fender P-bass with either flats or rounds.
Karla U-bass
Redwood Acoustic 4-String
Roland Gaia Synth

Boss OC-2
Cali 76 Compressor
Dark Glass Vintage Ultra
Sadowsky Preamp

Amp and Cabs:
Eich T-500 Bass Head
Hartke 4x10
Barefaced 1x12 Cab

Recording process:
Focusrite - Scarlett 2i2 interface for DI
Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic
Logic Pro X

  • Blues
  • Country
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Singer-Songwriter

Running With The Wolves - The Sunset After Dusk

  • Running With The Wolves - The Sunset After Dusk
  • Barely Surviving - The Sunset After Dusk
  • Muse Uprising
  • Greatest Showman
  • Te Amo - Roberto Carlos (Bass Cover)
  • Mmm - Laura Izibor (Bass Cover)

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