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I'm Jiyoon SONG, I've worked over 10 years as a pro bass player in my home country, South Korea!
I've graduated from Seoul Arts University (Korea's best music institution), recorded sessions for several top-charting Korean artists, but also played in bands and recorded a solo album.

Today, I have a good understanding of technical play, and I've learnt to play different styles while matching composers' ideas.
I also acquired an Alembic Mark King, allowing me to deliver a wider range of sounds than most bass guitars.

For recording, I'll combine my experience and your vision to deliver a high quality track!

For each order, I'll record two tracks, both fitting your song but with different feeling, to give you more choice.
I'll send you the finished work as :
1. One mp3 file combining my bass line and your original music - for monitoring
2. The original bass line in WAV format (2 tracks)

If none of the tracks fit / you need some small revisions, please let me know and I'll record a third take for you!

My equipment
Alembic Mark King (5 Strings)
Alembic Rogue
Alembic fretless (spoiler circuit)
Fender Jazz Base (Custom Shop Grade)
Japan TUNE Bass (EMG 8 Strings)
Vanderkley SPARTAN Pre, Cabinet
EBS Micro Bass Pre
RME Fireface UCX
UAD-2. Bass All Plugin
Alembic active cable ASC-20
Logic Pro X

Wishing to make great business with you!

  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Blues
  • World

K-pop bass session A (Crush on U - BAE173)

Alembic Mark King / Rogue
  • K-pop bass session A (Crush on U - BAE173)
  • K-pop bass session A (section 1)
  • K-pop bass session A(section 2)
  • K-pop bass session A(section 3)
  • K-pop bass session B (BAE173)
  • K-pop bass session B (section 1)
  • K-pop bass session B (section 2)
  • K-pop bass session B (section 3)
  • K-pop bass session B (section 4)
  • Ballad session
  • Session style 01
  • Session style 02
  • Session style 03
  • Band style 01 - slap
  • Band style 02- medium
  • Band style 03- ballad
  • 8beat bass
  • Funk bass
  • Gospel Bass

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