Bass Player for any genre for $30

In Bass 100% Guarantee By J. Arlen Carson

Bass Player for any genre for $30

I've been playing bass for around 10 years, and have played on records with numerous artists (New Limbo, Ark Animalz, Menace Brother's, and more! All available on streaming) with a focus on servicing the song and composition. I mostly play with Utah based Ark Animalz, but love playing and want to make money on the side. I play a '95 MIM P-Bass and a Squire VM Jaguar 5 string (tuned E-C), and can record with Ableton Live 10, either DI or through my Peavey Firebass 700 with a condenser and/or a dynamic mic. I generally charge per song, but am very open to different arrangements depending on the project. I've been told I'm very easy to work with, and am always open to criticism and reworking the part if needed, within reason of course. I can generally write a bassline within a couple hours, and I've been known to write parts that other people wouldn't generally think of. I'm also a producer, and will mix my part into the track for an extra $5-$10, depending on the track (if you need a producer, I'm also available for mixing and editing). I should also mention I don't generally play slap bass, I certainly appreciate it, I just never took the time to get good at it. If you want something unique to take your track to another level, but is still grounded, groovy and tight, then I'm your man. I love all kinds of music, and want to create as much as possible, so hit me up!

Ol' Rye by Ark Animalz

Bass, programmed piano, producer
  • Ol' Rye by Ark Animalz
  • My Medusa by Ark Animalz
  • King is Dead by Ark Animalz

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