Producer for hire: Editing and Mixing for $30

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By J. Arlen Carson

Producer for hire: Editing and Mixing for $30

What's up, I'm Arlen! I've been making music and messing with Ableton Live for about 10 years, and I want to get out there and produce for more people! Over the last year I've been recording and producing the debut album for my band, Ark Animalz, and it's made me realize my true love for producing music. While this has been my first big production project, I'm well versed in Ableton and have a unique, but skilled ear. Generally I charge per song, but let's talk about it depending on the project. I'm also a multi instrumentalist and can add different instruments for extra pay, but I'll bundle it with production. I first make sure the music is up to a professional standard, then I throw the rules out the window and make something that sounds real, and full of life. I love the music of the '60s-'70s, I think there are a lot of amazing ideas in production that were phased out for the most part, and want to bring those ideas (as well as my own) into the modern musical world. I have a sound that is fresh and clean, but very nostalgic and familiar, and I believe it will take YOUR track to another level. Hit me up, let's talk about it and make some amazing music! Primarily I play bluesy rock kinda stuff, but I'm open to producing just about anything!

Ol' Rye by Ark Animalz

I recorded, edited, mixed, and played bass
  • Ol' Rye by Ark Animalz
  • My Medusa by Ark Animalz

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