Electric or Upright Tracks for $45

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Alexander Stallings

Electric or Upright Tracks for $45

Hello! I am providing electric and upright bass tracks from my home studio in Nashville. I have a wide variety of tones at my disposal from folk to death metal and everything inbetween. My electric bass is a Carvin 6 String and has a great Jazz or Musicman style tone. Upright is a Czech made of unknown make, outfitted with David Gage Realist pickup (I blend with a tube condenser). I use a Darkglass b7K and Empress Comp with whatever Logic Pro plugins I need to get a great tone.

Price is per song; all comping and audio edits are done by me. Usually 2 revisions is the most that would be needed.

  • Pop
  • Folk
  • Metal

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