Session Bassist for $75

In Bass By Annex Audio Studios

Session Bassist for $75

I will provide a sample bass line for your track before you buy, as I want you to feel confident in choosing to work with me as your session musician. To hit me up for a sample use the "Contact Me" link.
30 + years of experience playing live and in studios I am looking forward to taking your project to the next level. All artist vision and reference is welcomed , I can also experiment and improvise. I will provide all 24 bit 48 K stems, dry and with FX. I will over deliver to give you the option to produce the bass guitar arrangement. Logic project file is included for Logic users.

Fender P bass
Hartke amp
Multiple Cabs, Genz Benz 15 , Hartke 4 X 10, Mann 15 inch, Yorkville 2X10

- Logic Pro X
- Final Cut Pro
- Komplete
- Waves
- Slate Digital
- Soundtoys
- Kush
- Superior Drummer
- Easy Keys
- Bias FX 2
- Amplitude
- Guitar Rig
- Plugin Alliance (Great Amp Sims)
- And Lots More.

  • Blues
  • Hard Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Americana
  • Pop-Rock

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