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Tony Tino for $100

I play Electric, Upright Bass. (pizzicato or bow) and frettless bass. I a 1934 Kay Acoustic Bass, Fender P Bass, Fender, Jazz Bass, Fender Mustang (strung with flats or round wounds), Music Man 5-String, Hofner Bass, Gretch Semil-Hollow Body Bass, G544OLS, Uke Bass, etc. I can also give you a direct signal as well as a mic'd 1960s Ampeg B12 fliptop. Also have variety of effects if needed. Just ask and I will provide.

I use Pro-Tools to record remotely. I can send you a direct signal and/or a miked signal from a 1960s Ampeg B12 amplifier fliptop. I can get you bass tracks back in a timely matter with quality.Easy to work with and willing to work with the artist to get what he or she wants.
Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding style, parts, gear, etc. I'll be more than happy to chat details. Thank you

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Jazz
  • Rock

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