I can record bass for every song. Let me work for you! for $80

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Adam Świerczyński

I can record bass for every song. Let me work for you! for $80

Musicality is a key, and I'm a specialist in laying down a deep-pocket, groovy, solid bass lines you need for a song. I've been professional bassplayer and graduated sound engineer for couple of years, so you can trust me.:)

---- Bass player ----

I'm official Aguilar Amplification and Mayones Guitars&Basses artist. I use Mayones Jabba Custom 5, a customised Fender Jazz Bass (4, flats) 62' CIJ, Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblecat (4, short scale), Novation Bass Station II (for synth bass), studio quality preamp Aguilar Tone Hammer and MXR compressor (based on 1176), bunch of pedals like Boss OC-2 octaver or Aguilar Chorusaurus, Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface, 2015 MacBook Pro and Logic X as DAW.
I can record you bass with vintage or modern tones, different techniques, fingers, pick, slap palm muting.
I can read notation, chord charts or learn the song fast by ear. I love to play bass like I'm supporting the song, where musicality is a key. I always listen what a song needs, and then try to fit in a concept.

I've played and recorded bass in many projects, some big names in Poland, Gold and double platinum records, touring big and small stages, playing with orchestras or contemporary bands, radio shows, recording sessions, masterclasses with different kinds of music from rock, blues, rnb, pop, soul, hip hop to jazz.
Usually, I need max 2 days to record tracks. I work till you will be fully satisfied! Always no limits of revisions. We work on music.

If you want to see videos how I play bass, I highly recommend to check out my Instagram @swierczynskibass

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