I can record bass for every song. Let me work for you for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Adam Świerczyński

I can record bass for every song. Let me work for you for $100

Musicality is a key, and I'm a specialist in laying down a deep-pocket, groovy, solid bass lines you need for a song. I'm here to complete your search for the bass line. I've been professional bassplayer and graduated sound engineer for years, so you can trust me.:)

I can record you bass with vintage or modern tones, with different strings - roundwound, flatwound, different techniques - fingers, pick, slap, muted.

In my studio I use Universal Audio UAD Unison plug-ins, so I can easily switch from vintage Ampeg B15, Ampeg SVT VR to Eden WT800 amps, classic studio preamps and compressors that are named the best in the market.
I can read notation, chord charts or learn the song fast by ear. I love to play bass like I'm supporting the song, where musicality is a key. I always listen what a song needs and try to fit in a concept.

I'm official Aguilar, Mayones and Rotosound artist. I'm one of the most sought-after bass players in Poland, credited to gold record, diamond record, won Fryderyk 2021 for Soul, RnB album of the year (polish Grammy award), played with biggest names in my country from pop, to rock and hip-hop.

Usually, I need max 2 days to record tracks. I work till you will be fully satisfied!

Mayones Jabba Custom 5, Fender Jazz Bass 62' CIJ, Epiphone Allen Woody, Aria 5120 1970', BC Acoustic Fretless, Moog SubPhatty, Aguilar Tone Hammer DI and bunch of their pedals, Boss OC-2, UA Apollo Twin X with a lot of UAD plugins, Beyerdynamic DT770 pro, MacBook Pro M1, Logic X .

If you want to know me better or see how I play bass, check out my Instagram:


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  • R&B
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop

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