Bass tracking - Pop, Rock, R&B, Christian, Country for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Aaron Dunn

Bass tracking - Pop, Rock, R&B, Christian, Country for $100

I'm excited to offer this service for bass tracking. I record with my Lakland j-bass through an Aguilar/Markbass rig into either an ISA Two or DAV BG1 preamp and RME. If required, I use a Two Notes CAB Torpedo as well. I do multi-mic the cabinet so you'll have a few options tonally when you mix (usually you will have 3 mics - dynamic, ribbon, condenser, 1 direct and 1 recorded track with 1176 style compression for a total of 5 options). I offer one revision so that your artistic vision can be fully realized. I can offer some extra fills with your finished bass track if you so desire.

Previously, I have worked extensively with Toronto producer Marcel Preston on a number of records, in genres spanning from rock to pop to Christian to country.

I also offer mixing should you require that for your project - just contact me for a custom quote.

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  • Pop
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  • Rock
  • Christian

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