In Bass 100% Guarantee By Zvjezdan Marjanović


First Time Clients: $20

I have over 3000 recorded bass lines for various artists and music labels and had my original music appear on national TV (Croatia).

Guaranteed takes within 48 hours.
Multiple takes for more options.
Rapid communication.
Clean, clear signal obtained with the highest-quality gear (see below).
ANY style (please listen to my audio samples).

I will put out my maximum effort for your song to be great. I will put out all of my knowledge and experience to ensure that my bass line helps you achieve the sound you are looking for.

If you have not worked with me before, please see my other service "Special Offer - first song for $20". For a limited time only, I am making a special offer whereby your first song is $20. After that, I will charge $40 for each song.

Fender jazz bass '76.
Fender precision bass (upgraded) 1978.
Musicman StingRay 5 Special
Schack 6 Strings Custom Bass
Ibanez Musician 924 Fretless
Cort Artisan A5
Squire precision Bass
DAW Cubase
TC Soundcard
Avalon U5 D.I.
Radial Bassbone D.I.
Future Impact Bass Synth

I am comfortable with standard musical notation and also improvisation. I am happy to take guidance and directions, or you can leave me to create something myself to enhance and support your song. I will happily send you either a wave file or Cubase project, as you wish.

Thanks for reading!

If you need any other help with your music, feel free to write to me, I have vast experience in music arrangments and production and am willing to help you out!

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I'm Gonna Tear Yor Plahouse Down

Fretless With Octaver
  • I'm Gonna Tear Yor Plahouse Down
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  • Jaco
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  • Portoroz

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