Electric and upright bass recording for $75

In Bass By Rodrigo Villa

Electric and upright bass recording for $75

I am a brazilian electric and acoustic bass player. I have played with Milton Nascimento, Jobim´s family (for 15 years), Martnalia (for 7 years) and many others famous artists from Brazil. I play various styles including jazz, pop, samba, bossa nova, baião, samba jazz and others. I am ready to hear from you the sound you need for your recording.
I use Logic Pro X, and my instruments are a Fender Jazz Bass, Music Man Stingray 5, Yamaha BBEast, a fretless bass, a Czech upright bass, and an Eminence Bass.
This service includes three tracks and three revisions.

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • World
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Lounge

Velho Riacho

Milton Nascimento - Novas Bossas - upright bass
  • Velho Riacho
  • Tudo que você podia ser
  • Fica em Casa - electric bass

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